August has officially been named 'Colorado Proud' month by Governor Hickenlooper (as if we weren't proud for the other eleven months). Colorado Proud is all about bringing the Mile High state to your dinner table. While you may be proud to be a Coloradan, are you really Colorado Proud?

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When you're grocery shopping, do you look for locally sourced food items? Our state is now encouraging us to support our local farmers, even in chain stores that span all across the country.

According to, 'Colorado Proud  promotes food and agricultural products grown, raised, or processed in our state,' and the program has helped more than 2,200 Colorado companies.

Colorado Proud aims to not only encourage consumers to 'choose Colorado,' but to make it easier to do so! When you're perusing the isles at your grocery store, just keep an eye for the Colorado Proud logo.

I love the idea of taking pride in local food sources (year round!). Eating locally-sourced food is not only great for our economy, but the less travel and transport that our food goes through, the better it is for our environment, and it's ultimately less wasteful.

Colorado Proud will also be a part of CSU Ag Day in Fort Collins on September 5.

You can learn more about Colorado Proud here.