I mentioned once that I usually don't remember my dreams.  When I do, most of the time they're terrifying nightmares; but not always.  Some of the time, I have the same basic dream over and over again.  Don't you?

I rotate between a couple different recurring dreams, and most of them aren't that bad.  The one I wish recurred more is the dream where I can fly.  I love that one, but I've probably only had it once every couple years since I was a little kid.  Maybe chalk it up to me not having the imagination I used to.

Another recurring dream involves me being naked in public.  I haven't had this one in awhile, but I had it a lot when I was still in school.  Crazy, right?  Maybe it had something to do with feeling stressed and vulnerable.  Hmm.

Then there's the dream that recurs for me the most; and unfortunately, it's not very pleasant.

I constantly dream that my teeth are breaking!  What the heck, right?

I've actually done some research on this one:

If your teeth are chipped or broken (it) can mean many things depending on what events that are happening right now in your life.  Broken or chipped dreams imply that something in your life needs more attention before it falls apart.  Who was with you in your dream?  Where did you notice your teeth being chipped?  These are the types of questions you should be asking.  Sometimes we experience these dreams when we are trying to fix something that might be broken, like our relationships.  Or you might need to repair something that is long over due.

Hmm...well, in any case, I always make sure to brush my teeth extra-well the next morning!

Now it's your turn!  What recurring dreams to you have?  Tell me in the comments below!