Dreams can be any number of things: happy, confusing, exciting, sad, even scary.  Most of the time, I can't remember my dreams.  I might wake up feeling a particularly strong emotion about it, but I rarely remember exactly what I experienced.  But every so often, I not only remember my dream, but it makes me physically jump awake.  That's what happened to me last night...

I haven't watched The Walking Dead in at least a week, but that's pretty much what my dream was.  I was right in the middle of a city full of zombies, traveling with a small group of survivors.  To make matters worse, a heavily-armed gang was raiding every building, chasing us out of anywhere that could provide us shelter.  It was scary!  I snapped awake at least twice; but as soon as I shut my eyes, I was right back in the dream.  Talk about intense!

It's times like that when I wish I could just always forget my dreams in the morning.

What dreams make you jump in the middle of the night?  Tell me all about it in the comments below!