I read celebrity news every day about stalkers. Halle Berry, Lindsay Lohan, Celine etc. There are these people that become obsessed with others and I know it happens in the private world as well. We don't have to be 'celebrities' to be an obsession of someone else.

The last time I had a 'stalker' was ages ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. This woman broke in through a back bathroom window at a station I worked at in Florida, locked herself in a music library, called me from there, on the station request line and said, 'I'm in the building'. ! YIKES

It called my Program Director at the time, and I and he, had to remove the door, from the music library from it's hinges (we had no key) and remove this woman from the building.

Nonetheless, Ben drove her to a motel 45 miles to the south to drop her off at an address of her requesting, where he reported his progress to me. (any of this sound familiar BEN? ) On a 2 way radio. This was in the 70's!

The stalker immediately walked to a a pay phone and called me saying she'd be right back!

Facebook has changed everything!

Well as of late, I've had another stalker emerge on Facebook. It's someone who claims they knew me 30 years ago in Des Moines. She started responding to every post I made on Facebook , wrote me several interesting letters, then most recently started contacting my friends on Facebook, including my ex-girlfriend from high school, pumping them for information.

I'm not sure what to think of all this and have blocked this person on FB.