Over the last few days I have been poking fun of my morning show co-host, Susan Moore, because she is still carrying around a flip phone that looks like it is straight from 1999. Being a bit younger than she is, it was my perception that everyone had one of those fancy smartphones by now because everyone from my generation does. Then I thought, well, my parents and grandparents have cell phones, but they aren't the smart version either, so maybe they aren't as prevalent as I thought. So, do you have one?

A recent survey by the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that 45 percent of adults say they have a smartphone. Additionally, 49 percent report their phone operates on a smartphone platform — such as Android, iPhone or Blackberry.

When Pew pooled together the responses to both of these question they found that 53 percent answered yes to one of them, meaning they have a smartphone.

The most popular type of smart phone is an Android, at 20 percent, followed by iPhone (19 percent) and BlackBerry (six percent.)

Eighty-eight percent of adults now have some sort of cell phone.

Do you have one?