Does making New Year's Resolutions make any difference in what we accomplish? Some, like the author of this Psychology Today article, say they do not.

In some ways both Santa Clause and The Secret have done us a disservice. Both focused on wishing something would happen and either through the process of writing it down and/or visualization, it is supposed to magically appear. Many management and self-help gurus cite research, reportedly done at Harvard or Yale universities, which describes why only 3% of Harvard MBAs make 10 times as much money as the other 97%--because they write down their goals. The problem with this claim is that no such research study exists.

There are others who say that knowing what we want is absolutely essential to getting it. People who believe in the Law of Attraction, like lovers of the The Secret (mentioned in the preceding quote), students of Napoleon Hill and other self help gurus along these lines have an obsessive focus on goals and desires.

What do you think?