Christmas time is full of excitement over gifts.  What's that special someone getting you this year?  What could that big box under the tree possibly contain?  Sometimes, the temptation can be so strong, is can get the best of you!

I remember when I was very little, I thought I could be sneaky and tear off a small, inconspicuous bit of wrapping paper on my presents; and that way, I could find out what they were without anyone knowing.

Well apparently I wasn't quite sneaky enough, because my mom noticed the holes torn in all the wrapped presents (I had probably made bigger holes than I realized).  I can remember her lightly scolding me for peeking, and taping up all the holes; but I can't remember what any of the present actually were.  I guess my plan failed on all fronts!

So, how about you?  Have you ever peeked, or even accidentally stumbled upon, presents before you were supposed to open them?  Tell me your best present-peeking stories in the comments section below!