With so much attention on two chart-topping recording artists, allegations of copyright infringement were bound to come up eventually.

Many fans believe Katy Perry stole the melody to her new single "Roar," from Sara Bareilles's single "Brave," according to the Huffington Post.

But is there any truth to these accusations?

"I don't feel like anything was taken from me artistically. I wasn't the one having any problems with it," (Bareilles) said. "I've known Katy a long time. We are friends and she and I spoke about it. I look at it as two female artists who are releasing a message of empowerment."

So apparently, there's no problem.  It looks like this is just a case of fans getting carried away.  Which is understandable, I suppose.

Do you think the two songs are too similar?  You can listen to both of them below...