Back before the Denver Broncos lost to the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL playoffs, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock made a bet with the mayor of Baltimore.

Have you ever seen Ray Lewis' dance that he does before football games? It's a little over the top, but as part of losing this bet, Mayor Hancock had to do a little Ray Lewis-esque dancing of his own.

According to 9News, Denver's Mayor had to do more than  a little dance to pony up after his team lost.

Under the terms of the wager, Mayor Hancock sent Colorado-cut rib-eye steaks to Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the Baltimore mayor.

Now, many in Baltimore thought Hancock was trying to get out of his end of the bet because he "injured" himself at the National Western Stock Show shortly after the Broncos' loss. But Hitchcock nursed his injured quad for a few days and has now done his Ray Lewis dance and posted the video online for the world to see.

After that performance, I'd say the Mayor's leg must be feeling just fine. But how does it compare to the real Ray-Ray dance?