My dog Jazz was due for a rabies shot last month so we could renew her license. What should be a simple chore was anything but. First of all, Jazz gets car sick whenever she's in a car, even if it's not moving. Couple that with temperatures in the 90's and she is
one miserable puking poodle. We just needed a quick trip for one inoculation.

The veterinary offices I contacted do not just give a $15 dollar vaccine. They require a complete physical and charge for it. That's certainly fair, but an $80 fee is simply not in my budget.  Denkai is making this affordable.

Denkai's Community Veterinary Clinic is offering Low-Cost Vaccination Clinics twice per month in August and September for dogs and cats. The Eaton, CO clinic is located only 10 minutes from Greeley, Windsor, Severance, Ault, and 30 minutes from Fort Collins, Colorado, 1 hour from Denver, CO, 1 hour from Cheyenne, WY, and only 2 Hours from Nebraska.

Saturday August 17, 2013
Saturday August 31, 2013
Saturday September 14, 2013
Saturday September 28, 2013

VACCINES Cost: $15.00 Each for FVRCP,  RABIES,  DA2PPV,

Do you want to insure that your pet will come back home if they get lost? Get them Microchipped!     Microchipping: $25.00 Includes Regsitration

Denkai's Community Veterinary Clinic
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Contact: Krystal Roth
Phone: 970-454-3353

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