They say we're coming out of the recession, but sometimes it still doesn't feel that way...

The Coloradoan is reporting that Dempsey's, a longtime establishment in the Old Town restaurant scene, has closed its doors forever.

Owner Amy Christian said they had some great years at their location on the corner of Mason and Oak Streets, but then things changed.

What changed, Christian said, was the construction of the Mason Street corridor and the MAX rapid-transit project. Businesses along Mason Street have endured repeated road and intersection closures, and heavy equipment operation, for months. The BNSF Railway tracks were torn up and replaced, and the sidewalk along Dempsey's west side was also torn up and replaced.

[via The Coloradoan.]

I never went to Dempsey's, but I still find this kind of frustrating.  All this Mason corridor construction is supposed to help local businesses, so why does there have to be so much collateral damage to those same businesses?  Like I said, frustrating...

At the time of writing this, nothing has been posted from Dempsey's owners on the restaurant's Facebook page; but loyal customers have already started voicing their disappointment.

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