Regardless of what we do for a living, every job comes with a certain set of expectations. Our boss expects certain things, our customers have a different set of expectations for us. Even our co-workers expect us to perform in a certain way. Sometimes those expectations are in alignment with each other, occasionally they are in direct conflict. Our job is to understand, prioritize, and deliver. Period.

There's no quicker way to find ourselves being replaced than by not delivering on the expectations of a boss or a customer. Not delivering on co-worker expectations can also be the beginning of the end.

Keep in mind that your employer or customer can choose absolutely any individual on the planet to NOT deliver for them (and at no cost). The only thing that makes us uniquely valuable to an organization, boss, or customer is our ability to deliver the expected results. We can be as busy as a bee doing everything else, but if we're not delivering the expected results, all the 'everything else' in the world doesn't matter.

If we're not sure what the expected results are, it's worth finding out. Once we know for sure what they are, we need to quickly determine if we are delivering. If we are, good for us. If we are not, we better find out how to deliver quickly, or our replacement will.

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