Delilah is all about blunt advice and those sappy love songs so many love. On this day dedicated to love and romance, Delilah would ask that infamous question,"Who is on your heart tonight?"

On this Valentine's Day, (the day Delilah was supposed to be born) she talks love, life and who she is outside of the studio. The "Queen of Sappy Love Songs" sat down with CNN to share who she is away from the microphone. From being a single mom, to the place she calls home and her goal for her listeners each night, love.

"Every single night, I try to get people to realize that love is what is most important, and that they need to use every opportunity given them to reach out in love," she says. "Schmaltzy and corny, I know, but it's true."

Delilah on never giving up on your dreams

She developed her show format in 1984, and hasn't looked back since. One manager in Boston told her that listeners -- even her largely female audience -- didn't want to hear a woman's voice.

"You, who have never had to buy a bra that fits, you're going to tell me what women want?" she remembers saying. "I refused to give up."

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