Need a reason for a celebration ? Today we had news that the Nederland, Co. Chamber Of Commerce is looking to sell the rights to the 10 year old 'Dead Guy Days' festival.

You may remember Bredo Morstoel’s corpse has been packed in dry ice in a Tuff shed at the mountain town since 1993. He died in 1989 at age 89 and his Norwegian family preserved his body in hopes technology will be developed to bring him back to life. The 10-year-old festival attracted 15,000 people in March. It features a parade of hearses, frozen salmon tossing and coffin races.

Not only that, but Livermore, California is holding their 110th Celebration of the Longest Burning Lightbulb in the wold. The bulb was donated to the firehouse back in 1901 and has been lit continuously since then, there's even a web cam dedicated to mighty illuminator.

So then we did the math on how long Michael's been on the air.

Michael And Susan discuss.

Dead Guy Days[VIDEO]