There are not too many people that are going to argue with you when you say that Fort Collins is one of the best places to live in our fine country, and there are plenty of things to do. But, there is always room to make a great thing better. Here are 6 things Fort Collins lacks that could make it extra awesome.

  • Dave & Busters

    Normally if I said food and arcade games you would think Chuck E. Cheeses and a million little kids screaming in your ears. Make it gourmet food, kick ass games, and through in some beer and you have Dave and Busters. Every college town needs one, and the local nightlife scene would keep the place busy while the students were at home. Old Town, make some room for some fun!

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  • Water Park

    When someone who isn't from Colorado thinks of the fun we have here, it usually includes 4 or 5 layers of clothes and snow boots. But actually, we like to strip down to our swimsuits and flip flops and enjoy the 90 degree weather we have in the summertime too. We used to have Crystal Rapids in Loveland, but now that's gone now. A water park would be a splash in FOCO!

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  • Go kart Racing

    Sure we have Fort Fun, and it is fun, but the go karts there definitely don't fulfill anyone's need for speed. I am talking full speed, put a helmet and fire suit on, go kart racing. Around the country there is a huge following for the sport of go kart racing, and can also be a ton of fun for the occasional night out. Both indoor and outdoor tracks exist, but may I recommend that if this article inspires you to build one that you choose the indoor type with the winters we can get in Fort Collins.

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  • Outdoor Mountain Amphitheater

    Sure, the coolest concert venue in the United States is just an hour down the road to Red Rocks, but we have mountains in Fort Collins too, and we need our own Red Rocks. We have the Mishawaka on the Poudre, which is an amazing venue, but I am talking about digging into the side of the mountain. Even if it only held a few hundred people and had smaller named acts performing, I think an amphitheater in the Fort Collins mountains would be a huge hit!

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  • Ski Resort

    Maybe there is a reason that I am not aware of as to why we don't have a ski resort in or near Fort Collins, but why don't we? We have Rocky Mountain National Park in our back yard, and at least with an untrained naked eye looks like it holds the potential to host a small ski resort. It really is a shame that it takes 5 minutes for us to get to the mountains but we have to drive at least an hour to get to the nearest ski resort. Forget driving on I-70, we want to ski in Fort Collins!

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  • A Decent Mall

    This may be actually happening... We do have the Foothills Fashion Mall and it serves it purpose, but only for running into the store you know you want to go to, getting the item you need, and leaving. We need a mall that is fun to walk around. A boring Saturday can turn into fun with a trip there. Through travels, every large city I have been to has had a nice mall, except Fort Collins. Hopefully this is what we are getting with the "new mall!"

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