After the High Park Fire, many residents are returning to the charred remains of what used to be their homes. Some have taken exception to cyclists riding through the area. There is a feeling that it is too soon for people to be recreating in an area that has suffered so much devastation. Others feel that cyclists are riding in the area to gawk at what is a great misfortune in their lives. Still others think that cyclists are in the way of vehicles and crews that are working to deal with the aftermath of the fire.

An article in the Coloradoan considers both sides. Here is what a resident had to say.

“They didn’t endure the pain and the agony of losing a home. They didn’t see their neighbors suffer,” she said. “I’m not asking for them to quit riding forever. Just give us a little grieving period.”

Apparently this isn’t the first evidence of tension between residents of Rist Canyon and people who ride their bicycles through the scenic area, and the heightened emotion of the aftermath of the fire seems to have exacerbated the situation.

A sign has been placed to discourage cycling through the canyon for awhile.