Happy Cyber Monday. Were you busy working today or busy clicking, saving and shopping to get those Cyber Monday deals? The latest data shows that Cyber Monday sales have jumped today, 20 percent over 2010.

Online traffic is up 43 percent from last year, says content delivery network Akamai, and online sales are up 20 percent over Cyber Monday 2010 as of noon ET, says IBM Smarter Commerce, a Web performance analytics firm for 500 of the largest retail websites.

Electronics are the most popular items, with sales up 26 percent over last year, and products such as flat-screen TVs and digital cameras are leading the pack, says PriceGrabber. eBay’s Cyber Monday special this morning on a white Apple iPad2 for $449 sold out in less than two hours, says Richelle Parham, chief marketing officer for eBay North America.

[ via 9news.com ]

You still have a few hours to find deals online. Here are a couple of websites that claim to have all the information you need to find those Cyber Monday deals in the final hours.

Some business and marketing professionals predict the deep discounts will continue this week, if not through the month of December to encourage more of us to spend in a weaker economy.