The little bear cub rescued by firefighters at the 416 fire near Durango has been recovering at the Colorado Parks and Wildlife facility in Del Norte for the last month.

When rescuers found her wandering around, her paws were severely burned and her mother was nowhere near. She weighed just 10 pounds at 4 or 5 months old.

Her caretakers bandaged those paws, gave her meds, and fed her, bringing her weight up to 26 pounds. They must keep their contact with the cub to a minimum so she won’t get used to humans. The cub is now in a with 4 other cubs and her bandages are off.

In a statement from Colorado Parks and Wildlife, veterinary technician Michael Sirochman said the bear began pulling off her bandages about two weeks after she was rescued as she began to feel better. Officials plan to return the cubs to the wild as they hibernate this winter, allowing them to wake up there in the spring.

Source: 7News Denver