Colorado State University, my old Alma mater, has just made a huge deal between its athletics department and a very prominent business in northern Colorado.  Exciting stuff!  Read on for the details...

Ehrlich Nissan Volkswagen and I-25 Kia are now the exclusive sponsors of the Moby arena playing court at CSU!

Under the terms of the partnership, two Ehrlich Nissan Volkswagen and I-25 Kia logos will adorn the recently re-finished floor at Moby Arena, one on either side of half court. The logos will be on display for all events in Moby Arena, including more than 50 CSU volleyball matches, and men’s and women’s basketball games in 2013-14.

This kind of support for CSU athletics is really going to give the university a boost; and, when you think about it, that equals good things for the entire community!

It's times like this "I'm BE...a CSU RAM!"