Sections of Hwy 34 between Loveland and Estes Park will be closed OR down to one lane at times in the coming weeks. CDOT will be working to prepare for the spring thaw between 8am and 4pm weekdays starting tomorrow. Waits could be up to a half hour thru the Big Thompson Canyon.

Due to the temporary state of the highway following the September floods, crews need to perform hillside stabilization and rockfall mitigation work to ensure the highway remains safe throughout the spring as temperatures fluctuate with the weather. Rockfall mitigation work will help prevent loose materials from coming down on the highway on their own.

Work will take place in the following highway segments:

  • Twenty-two rock-scaling sites are located between Mall Road in Estes Park, and Drake.
  • Four sites are between Idlewild Dam and Cedar Cove.
  • One site is in the narrows of the Big Thompson Canyon closer to Loveland.

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