Robyn and I have two good friends who got married (to each other) last Summer; and for months leading up to the wedding, they were collecting wine bottles.  They would buy wine from the store, or order some at at restaurant, and always make sure nobody threw away the empty bottles.  We soon found out they were going to use them to make their own centerpieces for their wedding reception.  They turned out great (see above)!  So I got to thinking...

...What other neat things could we do with the glass bottles we usually just throw away?

I've always been a fan of the classic candle-holder approach.


But you could also re-purpose them as festive holiday decorations!


And if you need to add some ambiance to the room, what about making an electric lamp out of them?


Or, if you have a green thumb, why not use a wine bottle to water your plants?


What other creative ways can you think of to re-use those empty wine bottles? Let me know down in the comments!