Contradictory reports are beginning to appear.

On Saturday (Feb. 27, 2016) Woody Paige of the Denver Post published an article that said that Peytong Manning would announce his retirement from the football and the Denver Broncos by the end of this week.

As of Monday morning, had not posted anything about the legend's future plans. At least nothing that hadn't been posted on their website for quite a while.

The Broncos were quick to refute the story, as Patrick Smyth, Broncos Vice President of Public Relations posted this tweet on Sunday night.

Is the writing on the wall? Woody Paige is very well connected, so is he letting more out than the negotiating camps? Could be. Or, it could be that Peyton might stay for the right deal, and that deal is unlikely to get done.

Another possibility is that one of the sides are using the press to position bargaining chips. It's no small amount of change needed to keep Peyton in an orange uniform, or in any uniform for that matter. Letting something leak, whether it's legit or not, could be a tactic.

A further hypothetical situation that could be happening is that Woody Paige does have it right, but no one is ready to confirm it publicly.

I guess only time will tell.