As a runner, I think that this is an idea whose time has come! Every time I do a 5K, there always seems to be beer provided at the end. What if—you started with a beer?  Get ready for Nike’s and New Belgium’s!

Rick Kern, Getty Images

Maybe you’re like me- You run and you enjoy a locally crafted micro beer. Well, get this- a couple of guys out of Fort Collins have come up with a great kind of store/establishment. This will be a place where folks can try on new running shoes—AND get a craft beer- AT THE SAME PLACE! It’s going to be called “Shoes & Brews”- The name alone is worthy of a blockbuster IPO! It's worthy of a frosty IPA for that matter!

This will be in Longmont. This should work out great with the amount of active folks in that area- just imagine all the people who can get geared up and have a beer in prep for the Bolder Boulder! I, myself, am just about in dire need of some new running shoes and I’m ALWAYS up for a local craft beer!

This will be a fun day out: You can have an Oskar Blues while browsing for a great pair of Brooks! However, you don’t want to get sauced while searching for Sacony’s!

They’re slated to open in July- I wish these guys all the luck!

[Source- The Coloradoan]