Shortly after I got my Lily, I met the loveliest family. Dave Wolfe and his wife Mandy
and their 3 little boys patiently introduced my mare and me to cows and what a fun
ride it's been. 15 years later those little boys are grown and now Logan, Kason
and Jaden are inviting us to come play this weekend. My video demonstrates you
don't have to be GOOD to have a blast:

It's family fun and anyone who can ride a horse can compete at the CSU BW
Pickett Equine Center. Saturday, March 5th get involved with Beginner and
Intermediate clinics hosted by the founder of the Ranch Sorting National
Championship Dave Wolfe and his sons.

Sunday, March 6th is a sanctioned competition. Find out more at

                                  Ranch Sorting, where old traditions meet the new west.