It sounds like things are going to get ugly between the Colorado teachers union and the government. The Colorado Education Association will file a lawsuit challenging the tenure law that was passed in 2010.

According to KDVR, that law that was passed in 2010 changed state laws around the hiring, firing and tenure of public school teachers in Colorado.

Senate Bill 191, signed into law by Democratic Gov. Bill Ritter as part of an effort expected to win the state federal Race to the Top grant money, changed the way teachers are evaluated, compensated, awarded tenure — which, under the law, can now also be taken away due to poor student performance — hired and fired.


You can read more about the controversy from KDVR, but this could have some major implications in the education system. The lawsuit is expected to attack one part of the law about "mutual consent" of teacher transfers, but could go so far as to try and eliminate Senate bill 191 all-together.

Anyway you look at it, when a teachers union is suing the state, you know there are some serious issue that need to be discussed.

One of our co-worker's wife is a teacher, so we'll be watching to see how this shakes out!

What do you think about Senate bill 191, the lawsuit, or the possibility of having the entire bill scrapped?