In any list of things amazing, it's no surprise to see one part or another of Northern Colorado featured. This one honors the almost brand spanking new Colorado State University Student Recreation Center as one of the nation's most 'amazing'.

The structure, from the outside (I am an adopted Rams fan, not alum, so I never worked out there, nor am I anywhere near the young age I would have had to be to enjoy it as a traditional undergrad), is spectacular. It watches over us as we enjoy the CSU Lagoon Summer Concert series every year. It has to be a great recruiting tool, with Horsetooth Mountain off in the backgroud, the green grass stretching out forever, the dry Colorado climate and this beautiful building climbing into the sky.

CSU Rec Center -

Here is what had to say in their review.

For students looking to work on their fitness, the Student Recreation Center at CSU is a sure bet. The facility is brand new, having been built just a few years ago. It features luxurious interior materials that include natural stone and wood, and sets workouts against a typical Colorado landscape. An Olympic-size indoor pool is offered, as are personal training sessions and a strength training facility that is the single largest in Colorado. With year-round operation and hours that work for student schedules, the facility is almost always packed full of athletes and regular students who are fighting the good fight against the “freshman fifteen.”