I hear it all the time. "Those resorts are too expensive!" I understand, and I'm not writing this sitting in any bourgeois, elitist bungalow here. I must aggressively plan for my Colorado skiing habit, because I'm like one of the people from this year's Warren Miller film, Wintervention.

But, I draw a distinction between "too expensive" and "more than I will pay for one day of fun". The Colorado resort average of $80 for one day can seem like a lot. But, if that one day involves almost consequence free roaming and riding on a soft and slippery surface with happy people surrounding me, incredible views of nature everywhere I look, free rides through and up these wonderful mountains, plus the world's best safety patrollers ready to come rescue me should I even crinkle a cruciate ligament? Now that $80 doesn't seem so bad.

Also, you should never pay full price. There are a ton of passes, rebates, discounts etc. that I've blogged about before and I'm sure I will again.

Even at the full price day pass, though, I believe that the value received for it exceeds the cost. When you add up the cost of safety and mobility alone its value exceeds its cost. If you add how much you can enjoy a full day on a Colorado mountain, skiing or riding or doing whatever you do, I think the numbers look okay.