Location: Coors Field - Denver, CO (Map)
Cost Per Person: $5-$77 per ticket.
Age Range: Any Trip Time: Half Day

Located in the heart of Downtown Denver, Colorado, Coors Field is still one of the premiere ballparks in all of major league baseball. Denver became the first city in the Rocky Mountain region to host a Major League Baseball team when the MLB awarded them the expansion Rockies in 1993. Therefore, Coors Field (1995) became the first MLB stadium in the Mountain Time zone as well.

Coors is also unique because it rejuvenated the Lower Downtown (LODO) area in Denver, turning a defunct once busy warehouse district into a place for entertainment and great nightlife.

About the Ballpark

The classic brick architecture matches the surrounding LODO neighborhood, the forest green painted metal beams reflect the beautiful forests in the Rocky Mountains just 30 miles to the West. The open concourses give free views to onlookers and passersby - so many people are surprised you can actually stand anywhere along the lower level just feet from the top of the stairs to take in the game for as long as you like. Seats along the right field line will give awe striking views of Colorado's mountains and sensational sunsets.

Of course, there's not a bad seat in the house - whether it be the top row of the upper deck, in the suite level, second row behind home plate, out in right field over the scoreboard, in left field on the bleacher seats or deep center in the Rockpile.

Food and Drink

There is something for just about everyone when it comes to food and drink, but be aware of the fact that prices are jacked up pretty high.

For traditional fare, something good for fans young and old to enjoy is the "Rockie Dog." It's a footlong hotdog that can be topped with peppers, onions or sauerkraut or all three for $6. These stands (Grille Works) also carry hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, beer (Coors/Light, Bud/Light for $6.50), candy (M&Ms, Red Stripe Licorice), French fries and nachos.

The ballpark also has it's own restaurant, the Mountain Ranch Club and Bar & Grille in the right field corner of Coors Field. For the first 15 years of the ballpark's existence the windows on the Mountain Ranch Club were closed - but in 2010 the stadium opened them up. There's a two tiered outdoor patio with tables that seat two-four people and include a personal TV. Each game ticket at the Mountain Ranch Club includes a $30-50 food credit and the menu is extensive.

Plus, don't forget about all the specialty stands throughout the concourse.

Tours of the Ballpark

Available for $7 for adults, $6 for seniors and $5 for children 12 and under. They take place on non-game days at 10 a.m., noon, and 2 p.m. and on evening game days at 10 a.m. and noon.


The Coors Field interactive area is located behind the bullpens in center field and includes; Pro Batter and Pro Batter Jr. (video batting cage), Speed Pitch (throwing for a speed gun), Tee-Ball (ages six and under for free), and the KOA Fantasy Broadcast Booth (participants can record their calling of half an inning of baseball and take the DVD home as well).

There is also a children's playground in the left field corner on the first level, in section 147.