Colorado is continuing to prepare to become a destination for pot tourists. Currently, state legislators are meeting with pot task forces that are recommending how to handle people who come from other states or countries to use legal marijuana.

Ideas include posting signs at the airport and the borders of the state in order to let people know that they can't take pot with them back to their home state or country. Just because it is legal here doesn't mean that it is any more legal anywhere else, and people attempting to board planes with it will probably face some pretty severe consequences.

An Associated Press story today said this.

Marijuana tourism is on the way to Colorado, but the state will put up signs in airports and borders telling visitors they can't take pot home.

That was a recommendation made Tuesday by a pot task force set up to suggest regulations for the drug made legal by voters by year.

The task force agreed Tuesday that Colorado's marijuana amendment does not specify that adults over 21 must also be Colorado residents to have recreational pot. The recommendation suggests limiting marijuana sales to non-residents, but left a specific cap to state legislators.