Summertime in the Rockies means great weather, and great deals! Amazing to think that even over the 4th of July weekend, we were able to enjoy head up to the high country, cool off a bit and save a bunch of money on luxury accomodations.

There are SO many deals to be had. The math is simple. Take an area that is most famous for winter sports, subtract winter, and some people don’t consider it for a summer destination. Their cluelessness is our gain!

The funny thing is that for many people, the summer is like Shangri – La in the Rockies and the winters are just cold. It’s true. To be an avid skier or snowboarder, it helps if you like, or at the very least don’t mind, very cold weather. It comes down to a matter of having the right gear to keep you feeling human while you enjoy the slopes, but really, skiing and riding are not much more than full days outside in pretty cold weather. Of course, Colorado is known for the ‘sunny powder days’, where it’s 40-50 degrees and sunny and you end up with the ‘reverse raccoon’ look from the sunburn that roasts all of your face except where your goggles were, but that mainly happens in February and March. Cloudy or snowy days in December and January bring temps from the 20’s to below zero, and besides people who love to ski, most people prefer the summertime.

We enjoyed a weekend in Winter Park recently, and it was wonderful. I’ll detail the cost savings involved in a moment. Let’s talk activities.

Take The Long Way There, See What The Front Range Has To Offer

We rode the motorcycle, but even in a car a drive along the Front Range and into the Rockies can be just what the doctor ordered. Stop at Pearl Street in Boulder and gawk at the freak shows and street performers. If you’re in the mood for something that is a bit more quaint, give downtown Berthoud a try. It’s beautiful. The point is to slow it down! I quote Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Here is the map of the route we took to and from Winter Park over the weekend.

There Is Just As Much (IF NOT MORE) To Do In the Summer!!

There are a myriad of Winter Park activities to choose. From ultra-extreme mountain biking to mini golf, to simply enjoying the hot tub, there is no shortage of things to do in the Rocky Mountains in the summertime. Grand Lake is just down the street. There is horseback riding for the ‘never been before’. Wildlife viewing is almost a guarantee upon paying your entrance fee to Rocky Mountain National Park. I woke up and hiked to the top of the mountain at sunrise while my wife slept in. After that I took a nap and she went and had a cup of coffee and read her book in the Village at Winter Park. Our point was to recharge and refresh, your point can be whatever you want.

Lodging prices are cut almost in half in the summer…

While the Front Range sizzles at almost 100 degrees through July and August, the mountains hang at a comfy 75-85, and the prices stay lower too. Compared to the winter time, you can save up to half your money on lodging. That means that a $300 room is a more normal price of $150-ish. Want to stay in a luxurious room in a spot that draws people from all over the world for a much lower price tag? That’s what many of the Rocky Mountain resorts offer in the summertime. We stayed at in a King Suite at Founder’s Pointe in Winter Park. It is a brand new structure and it feels that way. Our room would have been over $300 per night peak season in the winter. Our price tag? $172 per night with tax and any other fees attached. There are cheaper rooms too, but we wanted to treat ourselves. The rooms was beautiful, new and luxurious. I requested a view of the mountains and this was the view from our deck. The amenities, activities and views are as good in the summertime, and for many people, even better.

I spoke with Mistalynn Lee, Communications Manager at Winter Park Resort and she explained how their downhill bicycling is not just for male adrenaline freaks, and you don't even need your own can rent for a great price!

We have a huge fleet, the largest in North America. What's also unique is we have women specific gear and bikes and kids specific so you can do a family Trestle 101,  learn how to downhill...we have Kona Minxy bikes that are for women, they are just built differently, we have women's protective gear...when it fits you, you are just going to have a better time...

From Winter Park to Fort Collins via Rocky Mountain National Park

Look, 3 million tourists can’t be wrong, and this amazing National Park is right in our backyard!! It is literally about 1 hour from Old Town, Fort Collins. The relaxing stay in Winter Park capped by a ride through Rocky Mountain National Park was simply affirmation that life is grand, and that we are supposed to be out there experiencing and enjoying wonderful things. People come from all over the world to see it, if you haven’t and you live right here on the Front Range, well, I take exception to that. Get up there!!