Hey, have an eternity to spare?

If I really want to mention every part of Colorado that I love, it would take, like, more than a thousand words. I wish there was a way I could find ONE thing that would be worth the equivalent of a thousand words...

Wait! I've heard that a picture can do just such a thing!

If you haven't heard, we're dishing majorly awesome goodies for your best pics of colorful Colorado in our We Love Colorado Photo Contest. The possibilities are literally endless. You could shoot mountains, plains, rivers, lakes, cities, small towns, and one horse hamlets all in the same day. Heck, you could do that in a couple of hours!

Also, you are lucky I'm ineligible. I've made my whole Facebook career on Colorado scenery. I'll make no apologies for it either. They say a great photographer can find beauty in a junkyard. Go ahead. I'll stay here with my mountain vista, thank you very much.