It makes sense.  If you're going to have a legal limit for alcohol levels in drivers, you should have a similar law limiting marijuana use by drivers (especially in a state where marijuana is legal).  Fortunately, the state of Colorado agrees with me.

The Coloradoan reports the state House has given unanimous support for a bill that limits pot use for people getting behind the wheel.

The bill would say that drivers are too high if their blood contains more than 5 nanograms of THC per milliliter. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana...This year’s pot driving bill is slightly different because people accused of driving stoned would be able to argue that they were sober despite higher blood levels. Marijuana driving limits in Washington and other states are like drunken-driving laws, where drivers in excess of legal standards can’t claim they were sober.

[via The Coloradoan.]

Some opponents say the bill discriminates against frequent marijuana users, since they may be completely sober with higher levels of THC in their systems.

I say, this is a great idea.  If something impairs the ability to drive, there should be a law against consuming it while driving.  Makes sense, right?

Are you glad the state House supports this bill?