In some news that shakes my faith in humanity a little bit; a group of neighbors in Fountain, Colorado are threatening to take legal action if a recently installed wheelchair ramp is not taken down. A wheelchair ramp installed for a family's daughter who has cerebral palsy and needs a wheelchair.

According to CBS 4, the neighbors are upset that the 'unsightly' wheelchair ramp will bring down property values in the neighborhood.

Really?! Not one, but multiple neighbors have the gall to tell these people, "I'm sorry your daughter can't walk up stairs, but that ramp is hideous and I'm worried I my house value might take a hit."

And get this, there is no HOA in the neighborhood with rules that have been broken, some neighbors just took it upon themselves to tell these people that they should take their ramp out because they don't like it.

The family in question is working with a civil rights lawyer  and said they will be sending a letter to the neighbors explaining the situation in hopes that reason will prevail and this will become a non-issue.

As a homeowner, I can understand not wanting your neighbors to trash their property, but getting upset about a wheelchair-accessible ramp? That's a pretty Grinch-like move in my opinion.

I hope every one of the neighbors in questions sits down and takes a few minutes to think about this whole scenario. Anyone with even a hint of a conscience would probably agree the ramp can stay.

Am I way off base here? What do you think?
You can read more about the story from CBS 4 or watch their video below.