I love smoked salmon.

I swear one of my dreams came true when I stayed at an all inclusive resort that had a buffet that offered as much smoked salmon as I could eat.

I almost overdid it, but not quite.

My favorite place to eat smoked salmon, besides everywhere, is on the top of a big, snowy mountain in the backcountry. Hiking the mountains around Cameron Pass is real work, so a tasty snack at the top is always appreciated. Yeah, granola or candy are fine if they don't freeze on the way up, but the first time my friend busted out a package of smoked salmon, I fell in love.

It doesn't freeze as easily, and unlike a candy bar, doesn't just spike the levels of my blood sugar, giving the illusion of energy, with a big crash soon to come.

We toured the Honey Smoked Fish Company, a Colorado business that keeps it simple. They make it clean with quality controls that insure a high standard in their product. Plus, their proprietary secret smoking process really does seem to make the fish more moist. And I don't know how they get the honey flavor in there without actually putting honey on the fish, and I also don't care. The flavor is good enough for me.

Plus, they are very locally involved, as a partner to the Denver Broncos and supporter of other local efforts.