It's not as much about getting us up and moving, as it is a way of life in Colorado. It's a way to revive our communities and educate automobile drivers. It's bike month in Colorado and the countdown to bike to work day is on.

Colorado Bike Month iStock

Although June is Colorado bike month, Bike to Work Day is a bi-annual event in Fort Collins. This signature event is filled with fun activities and bonuses for riders. It's also a great way to educate both cyclists and drivers on the rules of the road and proper roadway etiquette. Plus, cycling is a great for the environment and your health. With the many bike trails in Fort Collins, there is never a dull moment when your bike hits the road.

There is still plenty of time to pre-register for the summer Bike to Work Day. It isn't necessary to register, but the perks are well worth it. Registered cyclists can head right to the breakfast line and get cycling. The city also uses the registration to see how popular the event is, which helps the city get grants and funding to better serve the communities biking needs and awareness. A list of station locations and hosts will be available June 18, 2014.

Other events, during Bike Month, are ongoing throughout the month.