On Monday October 31 the City of Fort Collins is holding an informational session, bike tour and pot luck Halloween lunch to educate business owners and managers on what types of efforts they can be making toward running a more sustainable workplace and what types of resources the city offers when they become Climate Wise Business Partners. This session is going to give a

basic understanding of how businesses can start with the program by looking at how much energy they are using, waste they are producing and their transportation use.

One of the most attractive things about using Climate Wise is that businesses that do so are bound to save themselves money.

There will also be a bicycle tour that will journey through a few of the City of Fort Collins latest progressive efforts toward improved sustainability.

Rosemarie Russo, Sustainability Coordinator for the City of Fort Collins joined me for discussion about the big day, and she related how

The sustainability training, that's just a tutorial for companies who are trying to manage their resources...It's just going to be a quick one hour training. We'll have laptops there. The idea is that companies can come in with a flash drive and we'll give them a free database and we're going to help explain how people can manage their energy use and their solid waste and recycling, and then just give them some ideas about how to set goals. That's open to Climate Wise Partners or any businesses in town who are trying to manage their resources and save some money.

9:00—10:00 am—Training
10:00—11:00—Green City
Sustainability Bike Tour
(Please bring a bike and helmet)
11:00—12:00—Potluck Lunch
and Costume Contest
Theme is BE GREEN
R.S.V.P to rrusso@fcgov.com about what dish you’re bringing
and event attendance: (1) Training*; (2) Bike ride*
(3) Lunch or (4) all of the above