The City of Fort Collins is starting its lawn mower rebate program. It will run until May 31, 2012 or until funds are depleted. Residents can earn money or rebates or both in three ways.

1. Buy an electric or reel mower. A few more steps through the City's website will yield rebates at local stores as well as a check from City.

2. Recycle an old gas mower. Similar efforts through the City's website will earn an additional $25.

3. Contract a City approved clean landscaping company to maintain your yard. Once again, full details are at the City's website.

Fort Collins is committed to improving our overall air quality, and these efforts are designed to limit ground level ozone created by running gas powered machines. The fewer we run, the cleaner our air.

I spoke with Lucinda Smith about the rebate program and much more, and she related how;

That's what it is all about, achieving the same result [with] less impact.