Summer is on the way and that means idle time for your kids. Keep them busy with fun activities like what the City of Loveland offers.

Get ready, get set, goooooooooooo. Online that is, and get your kids and maybe yourself signed up for some great fun and exercise.

Check with your own hometown but many, just like Loveland, offer great Summer programs to keep the kids busy, entertained and out of trouble. But not to worry, this isn't all about kids because Mom's and Dad's and even our Seniors can find something to do in Loveland.

Just go online by clicking this link for all the fantastic summer Parks & Rec activities that are being offered. Registration has already begun so get your computer on and get yourself, the kids and even Grandpa signed up today for a ton of fun including day trips, golf and swim lessons, gymnastics, tennis and all kinds of activities for the Seniors.

For more information please contact the City of Loveland at 970-962-2727.