It's already a dry spring and that could mean a very dry summer. Is this the year you conserve water by implementing a Xeriscape landscape design in your yard? The City of Fort Collins is offering a one-day clinic to learn how to implement Xeriscape in your yard. It's your opportunity to spend time with a Xeriscape gardener, ask questions and make a specific plan that fits your landscaping needs.

Another Clinic is tomorrow, Saturday April 28th. Find out more on the City of Fort Collins' website.

What is Xeriscaping?

Xeriscaping (zer-i-skaping) is a word originally coined by a special task force of the Denver Water Department, Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado and Colorado State University to describe landscaping with water conservation as a major objective. The derivation of the word is from the Greek "xeros," meaning dry, and landscaping -- thus, xeriscaping.

The need for landscaping to conserve water received new impetus following the drought of 1977 throughout the western states and the recognition that nearly 50 percent of the water used by the average household is for turfgrass and landscape plantings.