Every business that opens a new store celebrates with some sort of grand opening celebration and those usually entail some sort of giveaway. But when Chick-fil-A opens a new restaurant they go all out with their giving. Greeley will find out next week! 

The new Chick-fil-A restaurant at 4555 Centerplace Drive in Greeley is set to open up Thursday (March 27th). And like the fast food chicken chain does every time they open a new store, the Greeley restaurant will give the first 100 people in line free meals for a year.

Sounds great, but if you really want the free chicken get ready to take a few days off of work and have your sleeping bag ready. The line officially opens at 6 a.m. Wednesday. If there are more than 100 people in line at that time, all 100 spots will be determined by a drawing held that morning with those selected needing to camp out to secure their spot.

There are actually a whole bunch of rules, but they really do give 100 people free food for a year. You can see all the rules here.

If you are cool with paying for your food, and willing to wait for the line to die down a bit, the restaurant will be open Monday through Saturday from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., serving a full breakfast menu until 10:30 a.m.