I am not on a diet, but I have been taking chia seeds for almost six months.

The affect has been truly dramatic. Chia is being called a 'magical' plant, and in many ways I have to agree.

Here is the video that I saw on 'Good Morning America'. I was so excited to see it!

My experience doesn't have anything to do with weight loss. I use it to retain vitality, vigor, and vibrance.

At this point, I am taking about 4 tablespoons of chia seed every day. That is double the recommended dose, and I feel very good.

Distance runners who heard stories of Aztec runners that could go 100 miles in a day on a regular basis was one of the things that sparked interest in this ancient seed, and now, it's becoming very popular.

Chia is available at Whole Foods. There are various internet suppliers as well. Mila is what I take, and it is also the one mentioned in the above video. Also, full disclosure, my wife is an independent distributor of Mila. This is one area of my life where business and wellness meet and compliment each other beautifully.

This is my favorite way to make a chia smoothie.