I'm not really one for haunted houses, but I love a good ghost story.  That's why this year, I think I might work some time in between horror movies and Monster Bash to take a ghost tour!  Care to join me?

You'd think that, living in Fort Collins for almost a decade, I would have done something like this already; but alas, I haven't.  Actually, I didn't even know Fort Collins had a ghost tour until a year or so ago.  I did some research, and it turns out the city actually has more than one!

According to Haunted Fort Collins, there are both late-night and family-friendly versions of ghost tours you can take, and it looks like every tour is unique in it's own way.  I'm sort of tempted to take them all, but the late-night version is the one that really catches my eye.

Do you know of any other good spooky things to do in Northern Colorado, or do you have any other unique Halloween traditions that you think others should try?  Let me know in the comments below!