When I invited 7 friends to join me in Estes for a dressage show, someone asked, 'What is dressage?' Well,  I was stumped for an answer, but I think my friend Kathy Coulson explained it very well yesterday.

Her dressage horse is recovering from an injury, so instead she rode her 'cow horse'-  quarter horse.  Kathy said the dressage moves are the same moves she uses riding western and sorting cattle. So, change out her tack, clothing, venue, and add music, she was set to go...(not to brag, but Kathy is one of the most beautiful riders, ever).

As spectators, my group was just blown away at the talent of the mostly warm blood horses and riders.  The music sounded great on the grandstand speakers at
the Stanley Park Fairgrounds.  It ranged from 'Classical Gas' to Coldplay. The riders were part of the Paragon CDI Dressage Show.

As you can imagine, today I start to train my 2-year-old Arabian gelding, Mak for dressage...we're hoping to start small at say the Wellington, Carr, Nunn shows...:)


Thank you Brian and Kyla, ALL the Daileys: Patrick, Barb, Kim, and Jeff, and Dr. Bob
for coming with me  and just enjoying the morning.

Thank you Johnson's Corner for letting us fill your table for a beautiful Champagne Brunch and Dressage Show at Estes 08.18.13...a fundraiser for Hearts and Horses...