I used to work at a store in the Front Range Village area of Fort Collins, off of Harmony and Ziegler Roads.  A Center Partners call center is in the same area, and co-workers of mine frequently left their retail jobs for more appealing call center jobs.  I certainly hope none of my old co-workers are unemployed now.

Center Partners, a Fort Collins-based call center with clients like T-Mobile and TiVo, is closing it's Ziegler office and laying off 600 employees, according to the Coloradoan.

“Center Partners is currently restructuring to meet changing business needs,” (Chief Operating Officer Christine Kneeland) said in a brief statement. “The restructure requires a reduction in staff which was communicated internally” on Monday. “Further changes are not anticipated. The business remains vibrant with strong results projected for the remainder of 2013 and a strong outlook for 2014.”

One rumor is Center Partners lost a major client.  Kneeland refused to confirm or deny this speculation.

This will be one of the largest single layoffs since Celestica laid off all 800 of its workers in 2005.

I sincerely hope everyone involved can find new jobs soon.

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