Easy on the salt, please. Or should I say hold the bread?

I was surprised to learn that a new Centers for Disease Control study found that many of us are getting too much sodium from bread. The research says that it doesn't mean that breads have excess salt, just that many of us tend to eat a lot of bread. Breads and rolls are the No. 1 source of salt in an American's diet and those tasty pastries have double the amount of salt compared to the more commonly thought of ''salty snacks' like potato chips and pretzels.

Experts have known that the sodium in breads and certain other foods can add up, but even CDC officials were amazed that just 10 foods are responsible for 44 percent of the sodium consumed.

"It's possible to eat a whole bunch of sodium without it seeming salty," noted John Hayes, an assistant professor of food science at Penn State, who was not involved in the report.

[ via 9news.com ]