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It’s Tube To Work Day In This Colorado Town [Video]
This leaves one with some questions, like:
-Are there guides to help first-timers?
-Do workplace destinations customarily have changing rooms?
-How does the transition from tuber to professional go over once you arrive at work, i...
A Guy Purposefully Started Coyote Ridge Area On Fire
People mentioned this man was in Beaver's Market before he went and started this fire, and that he had been acting weirdly there, making everyone in the place uncomfortable.  That considered, I think it's better he did this than what could've happened...
What’s Larger In Each State Than Any Other State?
The old saying is "They grow 'em big in Texas."  (Or something along those lines.)
Here, we see that's true everywhere, depending on what item you're talking about.
Unless, of course, you're looking at Delaware.  After long studies of this topic, we foun…
A Baby Was Born In I-25 Traffic
Here's one for all of us who have been at a standstill on I-25 (or I-70 for that matter,) and had to pee so badly that we thought of every desperate measure up to and including just letting it happen right outside our cars in front of God and everybody...
A Bear Crosses Through A CO Foot Race
I thought we'd covered all of the recent unusual bear intrusions, but apparently I was wrong.  Thank goodness this one kept going on its path as the runners did the same!
Then again, maybe it was Man who was intruding.  I suppose it depends on who you ask...
A Bear Is Rescued From A Car
First, a bear tears a bumper off a car in Steamboat because it smelled like donuts.  That was just last week!
About that same time, we also heard about the bear who broke into a house in Vail and played the piano.  Weird, scary, and cute, all at once...

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