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How Old is Too Old for Trick-or-Treating? [POLL]
Face it: kids love candy. It's just one of those fundamental facts of life. You can force them to eat their veggies all you want, but their hearts will always belong to sugar. That's certainly how it was with me. I didn't actually start liking vegetables until I was in my early tw…
Drought in Fort Collins Could Be Easing
Moisture levels in Fort Collins may downgrade our level of drought. It looks like we have a wet September to thank, even if there was some flash flooding involved!
Fort Collins Gas Prices Decline
Buying gas can be quite a gamble. Prices can go up and down literally overnight, and there never seems to be enough warning about when our costs at the pumps are changing. Luckily, gas prices in Fort Collins fell a bit in the last week.
Should We Get Rid of Pennies? [POLL]
A year or so ago, a friend mentioned to me that some thought the US should get rid of the penny. I was kind of confused. But it turns out, it might actually be a good idea economically; and one store is out to prove it.