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Red Velvet Christmas Cookies — Five Ingredient Recipe
Many families have Christmas cookie-making traditions. Whether it be weeks before the big holiday, on Christmas Eve, all of one kind, or a variety of tasty treats – 'tis the season to bring out those deer-shaped cookie cutters and stock up on some green and red sprinkles.
Wings At A Bridal Shower
Hi there!
It says something when you need a recovery day-off on a Monday to come back from a bridal shower that happened on a Saturday. I hosted my first shower last weekend for my very best, out-of-town friend. This was also on the Broncos bye-week, and that was no accident...
Grace Potter Electrifies at Red Rocks
Grace Potter was the main act on Saturday night, and she was incredible! While Potter has played at Red Rocks in the past, this was her first time headlining a concert there.
Dave Jensen Gets a Birthday Surprise! [Office Prank]
It's no secret that we love to have a great time here at the radio station, which frequently involves playing jokes and carrying out pranks. Dave Jensen celebrated a birthday on Sunday, so he decided to take an extra day off of work to make it a long and relaxing birthday weekend. The mistake h…

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