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Girl Scout Cookies! YUMMM!
As a cookie fanatic, I must say that this time of year has got to be right up there with Christmas! Its Girl Scout Cookie time! What makes these cookies so good? I'm not really sure, maybe its a physiological thing. At $3.50 a box they better taste pretty darn good...
Hairstylists And Barbers Rejoice!
Hairstylists and Barbers should be seeing an influx of traffic to their salons and Barber shops as two of our most famous celebrities have cut their most famous locks. It is really causing quite a buzz…pun intended.
It’s National Margarita Day!
Today, February 22nd, “is” National Margarita Day! And no I’m not making this up.
I don’t know when the first National Margarita Day was celebrated. I bet it probably had something to do with Jimmy Buffett. Just as murky as when this holiday began it is the origin of the drink…
2011 Daytona 500: A Cinderella Story
It’s time for me to make a public confession. I am a big NASCAR fan. And just by looking at the nearly 3,500 fans on Colorado National Speedway’s Facebook page, I’m guessing I’m not the only one. I’ve also seen a bunch of you passing me like I’m standing still on …
Hi Neighbor! [VIDEO]
“It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine? Could you be mine? Won't you be my neighbor? Sound familiar? Fred Rogers aka Mr. Rogers, known to millions of kids for over the 30 years took us into “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” for fun and learning. Of co…
The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift
Well it’s almost Valentine’s Day and like most men I’m still scrambling to find that perfect gift for my wife. Now since I’m at the radio station going to the mall right now is out of the question so I am doing the next best thing…I’m surfing the net!
Funkiphino to Rock ReProm!
Get ready for the funkiest couples night out in years! Entering its 6th year of growing popularity, ReProm is a great way to relive (or retry) your prom night! A great event that raises funds for safe high school after prom events for teens...
Michael Stone Sings The National Anthem[AUDIO]
When I saw the post about the people who have flubbed the National Anthem, Christina Aguilera, being the latest, it reminded me of when I was asked to sing it at a Colorado Eagles game. At the time I wrote this blog about the experience.

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