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Share Your Story & Win a $250 Gift Card to Simply Mac
If you haven't broken a phone, laptop or other electronic device in your lifetime, then consider yourself lucky! If you've ever had to "resuscitate" your phone in a bag of rice like in the picture above, you know what we are talking about.
Vote for Your Favorite Golf Trick Shot [VIDEO]
This week we held our special radio station golf tournament at Ptarmigan Country Club and had quite the time with our golfers showing off their trick shots. Some made us nervous while others were downright hilarious, but we picked our favorites and put together a little video to show them off. Lucki…
Win a New Pergola in Our “Summer Shade” Photo Contest
It's summer and blazing hot outside, especially hanging out in the sun. We've teamed up with our friends at Northern Colorado Home Improvements to bring you our summer shade photo contest! If you win you"ll receive a new backyard pergola worth $3,000 to get out of the sun and into…

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